We Accept River City Gold

Special Treats

Our special Handmade treats include walking sticks named the "Joyce," and the "Jean. These are named for the founders mothers.

We also offer a truly unique birthday decade box: These boxes contain only confections invented in the decade of your choice.  These boxes go as far back as the 1930's!  What a Great gift for that hard to buy for coworker, Family member, friend or... well just about anyone.  

We also offer all the following twists on classic treats:

  • Snack Attack—pretzel rod dipped in Peanut butter and milk chocolate, rolled in crushed potato chips.
  • Cow Chips—Potato chips dipped in dark or milk chocolate, then dipped in peanut butter chocolate.

  • choco chips- potato chips dipped in milk or dark chocolate

  • Potato Chip Bark—milk chocolate and crushed potato chips drizzled with peanut butter chocolate.

  • Oreo Bark—White chocolate blended with crushed Oreos.

  • cinnamon granola bark-quality granola with a hint of cinnamon combined with milk chocolate.

  • Peppermint Bark—Milk, dark, or white chocolate blended with crushed peppermint.

  • Orange Cream Bark—Creamy white chocolate blended with crushed orange candy.

  • dark chocolate almond bark- whole roasted almonds in a bed of smooth dark chocolate.

  • English Toffee-  Buttery,  rich, chocolate covered, and topped with chopped pecans

  • Peanut Brittle- Crisp, airy and loaded with peanuts

  • gophers- large patty of pecans and caramel finished in milk or dark  chocolate.   plain or sea salt.

  • gopherettes-a smaller, bite sized version of our gophers

  • Joyce's walking stick- pretzel rod dipped in caramel, then chocolate and rolled in chopped pecans

  • jean's walking stick- pretzel rod dipped in caramel, then white chocolate and rolled in chopped peanuts

  • M&M walking stick- pretzel rod dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in mini m&m's (nut free)

  • peanut cluster cups- all 3 chocolates blended together with chopped peanuts

  • dipped peanut butter pretzel nuggets- Dipped in either milk or dark chocolate

  • dipped rice krispy treats- fun and a family favorite covered in milk or dark chocolate.

  • chocolate covered orange peel- candied orange peel dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

  • chocolate covered oreos- milk or white chocolate covered oreos

  • coconut bonbons- macaroon dipped in milk or dark chocolate and topped with toasted coconut

  • Assorted dutch treats- black cats licorice,  wine gums, pink piggies, licorice rockies, coffee hard candy
  •                                                      SOUR BELTS

  • Gummies- bear cubs, lobsters, sharks, spicy mango, mini fruit slices, cola bottles, sour worms, watermelon 
  •                      rings, peach rings, sour smiley faces, and butterflies AND MANY OTHERS

  • rock candy strings- cotton candy, orange, watermelon, strawberry and blue raspberry

  • licorice- allsorts both full size and mini, strawberry and black shoe laces (others in dutch section)

  • assorted nostalgic favorites- reeds root beer and butterscotch rolls, regal crown sour lemon and 
  •                      Cherry rolls, satellite wafers, clove & beemans & blackjack gums, C. Howards violet gum,
  •                      Sweet and Sour charms lollipops, honey sesame crunch, and bubble gum baby boy & girl cigars 

  • decade gift boxes- spanning from 1930's to present this gift boxes are perfect for everyone.  each gift
  •                      each box has a label that has some interesting facts about that decade as well as a birthday 
  •                      wish.  ever been in that position?  you need a gift but.... what?  now you know !!!

We are constantly adding to our shelves.  Stop by and see what's new !!