We Accept River City Gold

Fudge  Seasonal: Not made during June-September

Our fudge is made the old fashioned way.  Fudge is a truly American old time favorite dating back to the late 1800's. We use some of those original recipes today.  Our fudge is carefully cooked and then hand paddled until cool. Our flavors rotate at the direction of grandma so you never know what will be on display.  please feel free to call us to find out what flavors are being offered that day, if you wish.

Pre cut and wrapped to preserve freshness.

Orange creamcicle- layered orange and vanilla fudges invoke        childhood memories.

maple bacon- soft, smooth, and flavorful with pieces of real bacon create a unique fudge flavor

peanut butter- peanut butter fudge is a rich and creamy delight.

simply chocolate- Rich and smooth chocolate fudge.  

cookies & cream- crushed real oreos make this vanilla fudge special

We will also offer surprise specials and seasonal flavors. our fudge is made with all-natural, quality ingredients, creating a silky-smooth confection sure to excite your taste buds.