We Accept River City Gold

Stop in and see our ever growing selection of new and unusual delights.  How about some midwestern sponge candy?  

We have an excellent sugar free chocolate line.  If you are in need of sugar free or keto please feel free to ask questions about our products.  Not all sugar free items are also keto friendly.  when in doubt, we would be happy to assist you.

we will also have many specialty boxes and the breakable heart.  if you don't know what it is please visit our facebook page to watch the video we made.  what a fun edible way to present a gift or a gender reveal!!! they are done to order in milk dark or white chocolate.  So much fun to watch someone break it open to find your gift or bite into the truffle inside to reveal a pink (strawberry) or blue (blueberry) center.

please stay safe and healthy.  we look forward to seeing you again soon.  thank you

  At Grandma's Goody Jar we offer an array of handmade and vintage treats for customers of all ages to enjoy.  These include our signature Joyce and Jean walking sticks, fudge, chocolate creams, truffles, unique hand-dipped treats, caramels, gopherettes (turtles),  and more. We love providing our customers with unforgettable tastes that keep them coming back for more.  We produce small batches by hand to keep our flavors and quality consistent.  

We also offer sugar-free options. All of our products are carefully crafted with attention to detail—and they all have that unique New York flare.  

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           We accept River City Gold

We do not ship at this time.  Should that change, we will update this page.  We are a new family business and just getting used to the storefront before we tackle packaging and shipping confections.  Thank you for your visit to our site and hope you are able to visit us in person soon.